What’s not in it

what’s not in it

You have to take the bad with the good. Except in our case.

Distilling is a natural process, and spirits contain many different elements that make up their flavor, texture, and overall character. Some of these elements are our friends, and some not so much. At Gentle Ben, we remove or drastically reduce the stuff that causes harshness, burn, and weird flavors through our Persedo C.R.A.F.T.® technology. The result? More of what you love about spirits and way less of what you don’t.

You’ll love what’s not in it:

The following compounds can be found in all distilled spirits, since after all, alcohol is essentially one big chemistry experiment*. But, at Gentle Ben, we’ve perfected a way to optimize the levels of each, by either removing or minimizing them, leading to the cleanest, smoothest-tasting spirits, period.


A Variety of

Offensive Crap

Actually, these letters officially stand for volatile organic compounds. But this sums it up nicely. There are many organic elements that occur through fermentation and distillation, and some of them are the reason you might cough after you take a sip of vodka, gin, or whiskey. It’s stuff like acetic acid and acetaldehyde. Sure, it’s all organic—but you don’t really want these overpowering your cocktail.

Undesirable Acids

There are multiple foul-tasting fermentation compounds out there, and they’re just waiting to ruin your drink. If there’s anything that will get in the way of the enjoyable flavors and mouthfeel of vodka, gin, or whiskey, it’s one of these bad boys.

Heavy Alcohols

It‘s funny, because in every spirit there’s more than one type of alcohol: you find the kind that’s crisp and clean in vodka, or pleasantly warming in whiskey—but then there’s the kind that can taste and smell hot, burnt, soapy, waxy, or even a little like the stuff your mom put on cuts when you were a kid.

Fusel Oils

No joke, fusel is the German word for “bad liquor.” These oils are a type of alcohol, but not the kind you want to drink. These compounds are responsible for the burning feeling you have to fight through to get to the real flavor of a spirit, and we firmly believe a drink shouldn’t be a fight.

Harsh Solvents

There are +/- 15 of these nasty elements that occur in spirits of all kinds. We won’t bore you with the technical names because just seeing the word “solvent” is probably enough. Some of this oily, acrid-tasting stuff can be found at unacceptable levels in many spirits out there, but not ours.


*Did you know that all spirits are naturally gluten-free? Yup, it’s true, it's just not in it. This is one compound we didn't have to remove with our process. So, we're not going to brag about it.

The secret is out. Bring home Gentle Ben today.

What's not in

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