Our Technology

our technology

It’s not what we put into gentle ben.

It’s what we take out.

Gentle Ben uses a unique, proprietary distillation enhancement technology called Persedo C.R.A.F.T.® to create spirits of unparalleled smoothness.

We begin with traditionally distilled spirits of the finest quality. But in even the most premium vodka, gin, or bourbon are elements called congeners. Certain congeners are the compounds responsible for the bite. The burn. The harshness we’ve all learned to expect and even tolerate in return for the flavor, aroma, richness, or crispness of our favorite drink. Our technology has been engineered and perfected to finally eliminate these congeners, and this compromise.

At the same time, we carefully balance the enhancement of certain other natural elements in each spirit to bring out even more flavor. So the result is the removal of the burn and the maximization of the enjoyment, no matter what spirit you choose.

Using innovation to make the tradition even greater.

While new, our cutting-edge technology is by no means a replacement for traditional distillation. It is a unique, natural, process we apply to our already high-craft spirits that simply eliminates the impurities that cause harshness, bitterness, bite, or burn—the things that get in the way of the true enjoyment of a spirit—be it the depth of a whiskey, the clean taste of a vodka, or the aromatics of a gin.

We embrace innovation in the interest of celebrating the great tradition we’re so proud to be part of, and we use technology to achieve the goals of the time-honored art of distilling—the ultimate in smoothness, flavor, and drinkability—that generations of distillers before us have inspired us to reach for.

Gentle Ben is not a technology company that makes spirits. We are a craft distiller that is implementing a specialized technique to bring out the very best in spirits.

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