Gentle Ben

Where did the name come from?

From 2007-2016, our founder worked with Dr. Benjamin Mosier to develop, optimize, and patent our unique finishing step, referred to as Persedo C.R.A.F.T.® His contributions to our process development were immeasurable and we would not have been successful without his leadership. Just prior to our launch in 2021, we lost Dr. Mosier at the young age of 94. Dr. Mosier was a gentle man and earned the nickname “Gentle Ben” while working on this project. We felt it was only right to have our one-of-a-kind spirits be named after the man that invented the technology that makes it so great, Gentle Ben.

What sets you apart from all the others?

Our proprietary Persedo C.R.A.F.T.® technology, and the results it produces, is our differentiator. Our spirits are cleaner, smoother, and more sustainable than traditionally distilled spirits. Because of our advanced technology, we use 90% less energy and have zero alcohol losses, all while maintaining an incredible mouthfeel and flavor… without the burn found in many spirits.

Where is it made?

Gentle Ben spirits are produced in Alvin, Texas, about 20 miles south of Houston. 

What is the mashbill of the spirits?

Bourbon: 75% corn / 21% rye / 4% barley

Vodka: 100% corn

Gin: a proprietary blend of lemon-lime and traditional London dry

Is Gentle Ben gluten free?

Yes, it is! Pure distilled spirits, like Gentle Ben, are gluten free even if made from wheat, barley, or rye. We also don’t add any flavorings or additives after the distillation process, further ensuring its gluten free purity.

Where can I get it?

We are currently being distributed in Texas and will be making our way into other states in late 2023 and early 2024. If your favorite place doesn’t have it, ask them to bring it in!


What does C.R.A.F.T.® stand for and why do you use it to create Gentle Ben spirits?

C.R.A.F.T.® stands for the “Controlled Removal And Finishing Technique”. We use it because it creates the best, smoothest spirit, period. It enhances the spirit in a way that traditional methods cannot do. We like to say that Gentle Ben spirits have the following characteristics:

  • There is minimal upfront burn or sting compared to other premium spirits. We believe you shouldn't have to fight through the burn to get to the flavor!

  • There is an incredible soft mouthfeel. We believe a true premium spirit should be able to be enjoyed neat!

  • The awesome flavors come through first. We unmask what is already there!

How does the Persedo C.R.A.F.T.® process work?

First, the spirit is gently heated to 90 degrees F and then enters the extraction vessel. While being stirred, a high energy field is delivered, maintaining a slight vacuum, and food grade gas begins to flow. In the first phase, hydrogen bonds are broken, and certain offensive congeners are removed. In the second phase, we switch to a reactive gas which causes other desirable compounds to form. Fusel oils and fatty acids are harsh compounds and are affected differently in the process. A large fraction of fusel oils are ejected entirely while fatty acids are converted to form flavor esters.  

It's these esters that give top shelf spirits their pleasant mouthfeel and appealing flavor. This all takes place in 20 minutes, near ambient temperature, with losses being undetectable!

What are some of the other benefits to using the technology?

When producing a premium vodka for example, distillers use distillation and filtration to “clean up” the base spirit known as Grain Neutral Alcohol (GNS). Distillation is energy intensive, and the alcohol losses are high. The longer you distill, the cleaner it gets, but you experience more alcohol loss. Our Persedo C.R.A.F.T.® technology makes it cleaner, using 90% less energy, and we have ZERO losses in the process of purification!

What are congeners?

Congeners are substances in spirits, other than the desired type of alcohol and ethanol, produced during fermentation. These substances include small amounts of chemicals such as methanol and other alcohols, acetone, acetaldehyde, esters, tannins, and aldehydes. They are often responsible for some of a spirit’s physiological effects. 

Can you expand upon the removal or reduction of certain congeners?

Our process is tuned to remove controlled amounts of congeners which are not always preferable in a spirit, including:

  • spicy, hot solvent-tasting fusel alcohols like amyl and butyl alcohols

  • unpleasant, harsh acetals like acetaldehyde and

  • toxic methanol and iso-propanol.

Is anything added to the spirit during the process?

No. Food-grade, insert gases flow through the spirit and exit completely under vacuum. Organoleptic (flavor and aroma) lab analysis shows that certain desirable, new flavors and aromas are created.

With respect to the Gentle Ben bourbon, do you process the spirit before or after barrel aging?

To create Gentle Ben bourbon, white whiskey (AKA new-make) is polished prior to putting it in a new, charred, American oak barrel. By doing it this way, many of the harsh congeners are dealt with before barreling. Addressing many of the congeners prior to barreling makes the barrel’s job a little easier.  

Is this process unique to Gentle Ben?

Yes, it is! However, we have been approached to produce and bottle spirits for other brand owners. If other brands use the technology, this will be represented on their label.

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