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A great spirit is a work

of art.

But when it comes to distilling,

art and science go hand in hand.

Smoothness and drinkability have been the goal of distillers for generations. But the time-honored, traditional distillation process responsible for the complex flavors and aromas, the bracing crispness, or the deep richness and warmth that give each spirit its character also produces impurities—known as congeners—at the same time. It’s the very nature of the chemistry itself.

Gentle Ben has engineered and perfected a unique method of enhanced distillation that eliminates the naturally occurring elements that cause the harshness and heat in spirits, maximizing the essences, flavors, and aromas, creating an amazingly silky mouthfeel, and unparalleled smoothness.

Gentle Ben: A Texas story.

Gentle Ben founder Ricky Ford was born and raised in Houston. His dad, another proud Texan, got him interested in spirits (don’t worry, it wasn’t until he was of legal age!). Ricky was inspired by a simple but effective invention his dad cooked up that helped make spirits smoother.

Ricky graduated from Texas A&M and went on to live his life, but he just couldn’t shake the inspiration he got from his dad. His mission brought him back to his alma mater where he partnered with scientist Dr. Ben Mosier (yep, that’s Ben himself) to further develop the revolutionary process that is the unique signature of Gentle Ben.

Like Ricky, Gentle Ben and the innovative technology that makes it special are both Texas-born, and the Gentle Ben tasting room calls Texas home. So wherever you are, try Gentle Ben and experience not just the smoothest sip, but also a little taste of the amazing spirit…that’s behind the spirits.

It all began with a vision.

And a real, live man named Ben.

Throughout his life, award-winning inventor, scientist, and lover of a good drink Dr. Ben Mosier has applied his amazing intellect and unwavering innovative spirit to many endeavors, including a dedication to perfecting the smoothest spirits available. Leading a team of like-minded scientists, Ben developed the unique technology that makes Gentle Ben possible. It was only fitting that we named our brand after him.

All our recipes begin with classic, time-tested methods and highest-quality ingredients; Ben wouldn’t have it any other way. But now you can enjoy crafted vodka, gin, and bourbon that push smoothness far beyond the limits of traditional distilling and transcend the traditional drinking experience.

We started with our premium vodka, have been working on expanding our line of spirits to include gin, bourbon, and more. We’re proud to be Texas-born and raised, but we’re also excited to be broadening our reach to allow folks all over the country and the world to experience and enjoy Gentle Ben.

Gentle Ben represents the true balance of art and science, of tradition and innovation, and a genuine, honest love of good spirits and the good times they bring.

Gentle Ben. It takes the highest craft to make the softest sip.™

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