We Know You’ll Love What’s NOT In Gentle Ben Spirits.

Ah, the joys of sipping on a fine spirit! But, have you ever wondered why, despite the promises of premium quality, you're still fighting through the heat to get to the flavor? Well, not all spirits are created equal. Even the most premium spirits contain impurities that can cause harshness and heat. At Gentle Ben, we use a revolutionary process, called Persedo C.R.A.F.T.®, to remove or drastically reduce these impurities. The result? More of what you love about spirits and way less of what you don’t.

Distilling is quite an organic affair. Like any natural process, it produces elements that can be our bosom buddies or bitter foes. Ever experienced that slight burn in your throat or that odd taste lurking behind an otherwise delightful sip? That's them — the unwanted impurities of the spirit world.

This is where we change things. We bring a balance of tradition and innovation when it comes to crafting a great spirit. At Gentle Ben we respect the time-honored tradition of distillation, which means our finishing step is applied to traditionally aged spirits to unmask the underlying distillate flavors by removing harsh impurities that get in the way. As our founder Ricky Ford says,

“Distillers work hard to create complex flavors and some of these harsh impurities co-distill and ultimately get in the way of what they’ve created. This is why we like to say, you’ll love what’s NOT in it.” – Ricky Ford, Gentle Ben Founder and CEO

Our mission? To ensure you savor the best of what spirits have to offer, minus the unsavory bits. How? Let’s break it down:

What’s Not In It:

At Gentle Ben, we’ve perfected a way to optimize the levels of each of the following compounds that are found in all distilled spirits, by either removing or minimizing them, leading to the cleanest, smoothest-tasting spirits, period.

1. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): No, it's not the name of a rock band! Think of VOCs as a medley of A Variety of Offensive Crap. While they're natural by-products of fermentation and distillation, they can also cause that pesky coughing fit post-sip. With Gentle Ben, these acetic acid and acetaldehyde bullies don't stand a chance!

2. Undesirable Acids: There's a rogues' gallery of naughty acids out there conspiring to sabotage the taste of your favorite drink. But at Gentle Ben, we've shown them the door.

3. Heavy Alcohols: More than one type of alcohol in your spirit? Surprising, right? While some are the essence of your drink, others can be downright off-putting. Say goodbye to the ones that remind you of that stingy antiseptic from childhood!

4. Fusel Oils: Directly translated from German as "bad liquor," fusel oils are your spirit’s unwanted gate crashers. They are behind the fiery burn that often masks the true flavor. At Gentle Ben, we believe every sip should be a celebration, not a confrontation.

5. Harsh Solvents: Imagine having around 15 pesky intruders trying to ruin your spirit’s flavor profile. We won’t bore you with the technical names because just seeing the word “solvent” is probably enough. We’ve given these oily, acrid-tasting nuisances the boot.

Oh, and for the record, all spirits, including ours, are naturally gluten-free. So, while we'd love another feather in our cap, we can’t take the credit for this one.

You’re often told you have to take the bad with the good. Not in our case. With Persedo

C.R.A.F.T.®, our proprietary distillation enhancement technology, we offer you premium vodka, gin, and bourbon whiskey as they were meant to be - pure, flavorful, and without the stuff you'd rather not ingest. So, the next time you're raising a glass, make it a Gentle Ben premium spirit. Because with us, it's all about what's not in it!

Learn more about Gentle Ben with C.E.O. and founder, Ricky Ford on our YouTube channel.

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