Gentle Ben Spirits Expands Beyond Houston: Hello Dallas and Austin!

Gentle Ben spirits now in Dallas and Austin Texas

Exciting things are happening at Gentle Ben, and our Houston fans have a pivotal role – help spread the word to your Dallas and Austin circles that they can experience all of the flavor and none of the burn with Gentle Ben Spirits too!

We're incredibly excited to announce a fresh milestone for Gentle Ben. Having rooted our passion and craftsmanship in Houston, Texas, we're now reaching out and pouring into the vibrant cities of Dallas and Austin! Our partnership with our distributor RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company) ensures that Gentle Ben's vodka, gin, and bourbon are now even more accessible throughout Texas.

At Gentle Ben, we have engineered and perfected a unique finishing technique that eliminates the naturally occurring elements that cause the harshness and heat in spirits, maximizing the essences, flavors, and aromas, creating an amazingly silky mouthfeel, and unparalleled smoothness. Gentle Ben seamlessly blends into craft cocktails, enhancing their complexity and elevating the experience of enjoying that drink. Prefer neat? No problem…Gentle Ben Spirits deliver a smooth, refined flavor profile that stands on its own, letting you savor every sip.

Learn more about our proprietary purification technology called Persedo C.R.A.F.T.® over on the technology page at www.gentleben.com. It’s not what we put into Gentle Ben. It’s what we take out. So, if you’re reading from Dallas or Austin and want to experience what all the buzz is about, you’ll find us stocked and ready at Total Wine locations in both cities. If you’d rather order a Gentle Ben cocktail at the bar, head over to any Little Woodrow’s locations throughout the state. If you like what you taste, tell your circle too!

Our longstanding friends and family know that every expansion, every new market, is a chapter added to our story, and we have you to thank for it. From our hometown in Pearland Texas to the bustling vibes of Dallas and the eclectic energy of Austin, it’s your support that fuels our journey.

Dallas and Austin, we invite you to raise a glass, celebrate the moments, and embrace the Gentle Ben experience. We know you’ll love what’s not in it too. Cheers!

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